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    Do you allow Pets?     
   Yes, We do allow pets. We require that pets be on a leash and cleaned up after. We ask that you please do not leave your pet outside your camper while you go touring around the area.

     What is your Season? 
   We are open May 15-September 30.
   We do have off season sites, if you are fully self contained. (October 1st through May 14th.)

     What are your office hours?
   May 15-May 31 we are open 9:00 am till 7:00 pm. June 1 till September 6 we are open 8:00 am till 11:00 pm. From September 7-30 we are open from 9:00 am till 7:00 pm. (Mountain time.)

     What is your mailing address?
   Our mailing address is box 367 WS,  Medora,  North Dakota 58645.

     Can I have my mail sent to your campground?
   Yes, you can have your mail sent here. We will hold it in the office until you come to pick it up. Have your mail addressed to Red Trail Campground box 367 Red Trail Street.

     How do I find my campsite once I get checked in?
   All Campers will be escorted into your campsite by one of our staff. Please note, They will direct you into your site.

     Can I have visitors at my campsite?
   Yes you can have visitors but please have them stop at the office and get a car pass. (This is to avoid your visitor being asked to leave by us thinking they are not authorized to be on the campground.)

     Can I have a campfire?
   Yes you can but it can only be propane or charcoal and they must be in a BBQ grill and not directly on the dirt or grass. No grills on picnic tables.
         (No Wood Fires Allowed Per City Ordinance Article 3 - 4.0301)

     Can I stay longer than my reservation?
   If you are not sure as to how long you want to stay, than it is best to make your reservation for the whole length of the possible stay, because you have till noon of the day that you are not sure of to cancel. It is easier to cancel than it is to add an extra day later. Once sites are paid for, There is NO refund. 

     What is your cancellation policy?
   You must notify the Red Trail Campground by 12 noon the day you are to be in. There is no charge if you let us know by 12 noon. To make a cancellation you can call the 800 621-4317 as well. Once site is paid for, There is NO refund. 
You Must Cancel By Noon.

     Do you give refunds?
   We suggest that you pay for one day at a time, as we do not give refunds. Once the site is paid for, There is NO refund.

     Do you have mosquitoes?

     Do you have Wi-Fi?
   Yes, we have free Wi-Fi and it can be accessed from all sites and even in your camper or tent.

     Do you have cable TV?
   Yes, we have cable in all sites except in the tent sites.

    Do you have showers available at your camperground?
   Yes, we have them.

    Is there a charge for the use of the showers?
   Yes, there is a charge for the use of the showers. The use of the showers must be paid for prior to using them IF you are not camping with us. (The showers are included with paid camping.)

    Do you have a dump station?
   Yes, we have one.

    Is there a charge for the use of the dump station?
   Yes, there is a charge for the use of the dump station IF you are not camping with us. (The dump station is included with paid camping.)
    Do you have a pool?
   No, there is a city pool at the west end of Medora.

     What credit cards do you take? 
   We take Visa, Master card, or Discover  and American Express.

     Do you give discounts?
   We give discounts to members of Good Sam, FMCA, WITT, NHCRV, Coachman, & WWB.

     Do you have shade?
   We have limited shaded sites.

     What time can we check in?
   We ask you to check in any time after 12 noon. (Mountain time.)

     What is check out time?
   Check out time is by 12 noon. (Mountain time.)  

     What are your quiet hours?
   Quiet hours are 11:00 pm till 8:00 am. (Mountain time.)

     Can I get satellite reception?
   Yes, you should be able to use your satellite here at the Red Trail campground. Although, in a couple of our site it might not be possible to get the reception because of a tree. Some can and some can't get reception in those sites. We Do Not guarantee satellite reception. 

     How far is it to the Medora Musical from your campground?
   Two miles.

     How far is it to the National Park from your campground?
   Six blocks to the park entrance.

    How far is it to the Bully Pulpit Golf Course from your campground?
   Three miles.

     How far is it to the Maah Daah Hey Trail from your campground?
   Two and one half miles south.

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