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Campground Rules

Campground Rules
All campers will be escorted into your campsite by one of our staff.  
(This means our staff will assist in backing / pulling into the site and are required to stay until you have stopped.) If you have moved your unit after staff has left, be prepared to be moved back if you are not within your campsite boundaries.

All Campers must be Register at office before occupying your campsite or using any Facilities! Limit 2 vehicles per registered Guests. (This includes Visitors.) All vehicles must register at office. If a vehicle is Not Registered they will be asked to leave. All others will be towed at owners expense.  Vehicles are to be parked parallel or on the RV/Trailer door side of YOUR site.  Absolutely No Parking or Driving Through any empty sites at any time. Please stay on designated roadways. Speed Limit 5mph.

Tents are an fee (even if in same site), and must have approval from office. Please Do Not set up any tents before getting approval first.

No Wood Fires Allowed.  (Per City Ordinance Article 3 - 4.0301)

All Pets musts be leashed, cleaned up after, and not a nuisance to other guests.

No Pets in office, restrooms, laundry room, and playground. No Smoking within 20 feet of all doorways and windows! (Per ND State Law N.D.C.C. 23-12-9 to 23-12-12)
Absolutely No Outside trash in Office, Restrooms, Laundry Room. 

Quiet hours 11:00PM until 8:00AM Mountain Time.

Sites must be kept clean at all times. Please Do Not move picnic tables from your site. Ask at the office if  you would like addition Picnic tables. Please, No grills on Picnic Tables!

Campers must be off their campsite by 12 noon (Mountain Time) on their departure date.

Campers are responsible for any damage you or your visitors may cause. Your Credit Card will be kept on file until your site is confirmed that there is no damage during your visit and while leaving.

Absolutely NO Refunds due to inclement weather or unused days will be issued!

Please help us keep the restrooms clean by picking up after yourself! PLEASE DO NOT throw outside trash in restroom garbage cans.

Notice: Don't hesitate to ask dumb questions, they're easier to handle then dumb mistakes!

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